Golden Vision Qatar is been in the market for more than 10 years now. It all started with our Hospitality and trading segment where the market was booming at that point of time. It was the best time for any business to enter into Qatar market. Seeing the potential of the market and various industries GVQ decided to expand the business and did some aggressive marketing, which resulted in the position where we are now.

GVQ Group now has three companies under its tree and still exploring the market to make it better.

The Group is now headed by two young and charismatic entrepreneurs Mr. Shameer Mohammed and Muzammil Ummalil who have been the two pillars holding on their shoulders guiding the path to success. But above all it is our Chairman Ali Ahmed A M Marafia who have been the back bone of Golden Vision Group.

Customer Service

We continually improve our training, tools and processes to increase the quality of service we provide our clients.


We’re the industry leader for a reason – we encourage our team members to work together to solve every single construction challenge we face.


  • Create Value Customers
  • Contribute to Society with Our Service
  • Making the Future Dreams come True
  • Equality is the Key
  • Technology Vision keeps Future Going


V – Vitality (The state of being strong, active and energetic)
A – Approachability (Easily approachable & Accessible)
L – Loyalty (Being loyal to our customers)
U –Uniqueness (Being Unique in the market)
E – Endurance (The ability to handle a difficult process or situation without giving way)
S – Success (The accomplishment of an aim or purpose)