Waiter + Waitress Responsibilities:

• Providing excellent wait service to ensure satisfaction
• Taking customer orders and delivering food and beverages

Job brief

We are looking for a skilled Waiter or Waitress to take orders and deliver food and beverages to our customers.
The right Waiter/Waitress uplifts the dining experience for customers. We are looking for someone who will have the patience, personality and perseverance to thrive in this role.
Waiter/Waitress responsibilities include greeting and serving customers, providing detailed information on menus, multi-tasking various front-of-the-house duties and collecting the bill. If you are able to perform well in fast-paced environments, we’d like to meet you. To be a successful Waiter or Waitress, you should be polite with our customers and make sure they enjoy their meals. You should also be a team player and be able to effectively communicate with our Kitchen Staff to make sure orders are accurate and delivered promptly.

Bartender Responsibilities:

• Preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for bar and patrons
• Interacting with customers, taking orders and serving snacks and drinks
• Assessing bar customers’ needs and preferences and making recommendations

Job brief

We are looking for an enthusiastic bartender to provide an excellent guest drinking experience. Good bartenders will be able to create classic and innovative drinks exceeding customers’ needs and expectations. Compensation includes salary and tips.

Wait Staff Responsibilities:

• Presenting a variety of menu options
• Advising on the best food and drink choices for each customer and answering questions
• Taking orders and delivering them to the table deftly and accurately

Job brief

We are looking for professional Wait Staff to serve meals and drinks to the patrons of our business.
Ultimately, you should be able to ensure customer satisfaction and augment our establishment’s reputation.
• Show customers to their seats and present our variety of menu options
• Advise on the best food and drink choices for each customer and answer questions
• Take orders and deliver them to the table deftly and accurately
• Attend to the tables and guarantee compliance to cleanliness standards
• Check the quality of the final servings and resolve any issues
• Deliver checks and accept payment
• Work with other staff as a team
• Work diligently to achieve outstanding service quality